Trade Marketing Execution Specialists

Retail EXECUTION Management

RETAIL SALES is the reflection of THE EXECUTION in the store.THE Excellent EXECUTION is about THE RIGHT MANAGEMENT The Right Management come from THE EXPERIENCES

Meet our real retail showcases where difficulities from store execution are turnovered to be intensive solutions for your sucessess

– The Performances : Sales, Visbility, Availability, Distribution, OOS
– The Promotional Impact
– The Business Insight from the store level
– The Turn Key
– Walk The TALK with retail partners
– The Evaluation

It is all about your EXECUTION………………………..

Implementation Level
Field Sales Representative

To acccomplish sales target and achieve operational tasks, clients need the specialized and skilled team. The team must understand your messgae and turn it into the right excution in the field. With their well-established relationship to store level, they are able to work together with retailer’s staffs. They are trainned to identify the problems and provide the correct action. Our field teams are responsible for :

– Product availability
– Product visibility
– Ditribution penetration
– Negotiation
– Complete Planogram
– Point of sales materials
– Promotional implentation

Store Tracking/Audit

Store Audit is one of the most effective tools in order to measure your brands and products’ performance, even your field staffs. Let’s your program implemented via your in house staff or outsourcing agency. Then we gather all operational KPI. Client will receive your performance KPI only 1 week after that. It is quick enough to response the field problems. We have extensive field experience in many of the core auditing services. Our field services include :

Price Checking
Compliance Auditing
– Stock levels/facing
– Point of Sales placement
– Promotional implementation
– Location of free standing display units
– Share of space
– Planogram compliance