Consumer Research

Today, clients need more certainty and insight from all the information you obtain to earn more market share, increase sales, understand consumer need & behavior as well as fulfill customer satisfaction in highly competitive market. Clients need to understand their own consumers better in order to develop the new marketing approach to be ahead of your competitors. With our expertised team in the consumer intelligence and professional analysis, we provide a full range of research study exclusively for individual customer. We offer both “Qualitative” and “Quantitative” research services from research design to analysis stage as we aim to provide information which is precise, clear, comprehensive and actionable result that can support the right market decision.

Our research services

1. Quantitative Service

1) Testing

  • Blind and Branded
  • Concept
  • Product : taste/fragrance
  • Packaging/brand name
  • Price
  • Advertising

2) Observation

  • Mystery shopping
  • Traffic Count

3) Survey

  • Usage & Attitude (U&A)
  • Customer Satisfaction

2. Qualitative Study

1) Focus Group Discussion

2) Depth Interview

Our scope of research services (full & non-full scaled service)

Quantitative Study

  • Questionnaire design
  • Fieldwork operation & supervision
  • Editing & QC for data quality control
  • Data processing (punching, coding & logic checking)
  • Analysis reporting & presentation

Qualitative Study

  • Discussion guideline development
  • Recruiting & facilities arrangement
  • Moderation
  • Voice or visual recording
  • Simultaneous translator (if required)
  • Reporting & presentation

Our fieldwork channel

1) Face-to-face interview

  • In-home interview (random & quota sampling)
  • Home Use Test
  • Central Location Test (pre-recruit/non-pre-recruited)
  • Mall/street intercept


2) Phone interview


3) Online survey (smart phone)

Our fieldwork force

  • Consumer Reach’s fieldwork force is managed by our own fieldwork department.
  • Under fieldwork team, we have experienced field manager & supervisors with nationwide coverage network. The number of our fully-trained interviewers is in total over 100 (60% in BKK & 40% in UPC).
  • Each supervisor has own team of interviewers who work as interviewers exclusively for Consumer Reach. Each supervisor is in charge of field operation in each specific region.
  • We have owned interviewers based in the main cities in upcountry i.e. Chonburi, Chiang Mai, Udonthani, KhonKean, Songkla & Surat (both urban and rural).

Our quality control

  • All interviewers / recruiters will be fully briefed by a research executive.
  • The briefing session will cover all aspects which are deemed essential to conduct the fieldwork : confidentiality, sample quota, sampling areas, timing, elicitation techniques, methodology, etc. The client is encouraged to participate in the briefing session.
  • All involved people must attend the briefing session to ensure that the project is well comprehended and all issues are addressed and clarified.
  • For quantitative projects, all interviewers will have to conduct the interview simulation under supervision of Field Supervisors and Quality Controllers.
  • Prior to the actual fieldwork, interview pilots will be conducted to make certain that the questionnaire is well understood by the target respondent.


Once the fieldwork get start

  • The responsible supervisor will accompany the interviewers and the first batch of questionnaires (5-10 samples) of each interviewer will be checked by Field Supervisor, research executives and Quality Controller.
  • Consumer Reach undertakes 30% questionnaire back checking of each interviewer.
  • In case that minor mistakes are found from any interviewers, 100% of questionnaires executed by that interviewer will be back checked.
  • In the case of misconduct, all questionnaires from that specific interviewer will be discarded. And the questionnaires will be replaced to the client at no cost.
  • The back checking procedure will be a combination of telephone and face-to-face whichever appropriate.
  • 100% of questionnaires are to be edited for logical responses and completion by Editor.
  • Besides, the data processing specification will also logic check the data automatically.

Our data processing and reporting

  • Consumer Reach ’s data processing department is managed by our own head of data processor who takes full responsibility for the team of Editors, Coders and Data Punchers
  • Consumer Reach uses SPSS software to run & analyze data statistically.
  • For reporting, Consumer Reach’s research executive and manager will work closely together to create analytical report which provides insightful information in order to understand the market or support the right marketing decision. Before report submission, it is necessary to ensure that the report must have information based on 4 key factors (i.e. clear, precise, comprehensive & actionable).
  • The report will be always delivered in powerpoint format.