Consumer Marketing and Promotion Execution

In order to help clients achieve competitive advantage in your business, the right marketing and promotional activities will not only allow your customers to know, understand, trust and loyal to your products or services but also maximize the power and market potential. With our extensive experience, we are speicalisted in creating effective promotional plan as followings :

Product Sampling

Product Sampling service will encourage target consumers to try your products and lead to purchase your product after all. Our Product Sampling program can be in Bangkok, Upcountry depend upon clients’ needs. Our Product Sampling services include :

Wet Sampling
Dry Sampling

Market Survey

Market Survey is the most effective method to estimate your business potential in order to counteract with main competitors or open new store outlets. We are specilaist in going out and counting number of people, products or any traportation to be able to make the right decision and develop competitive marketing strategies.

Traffic Count Surey
Customer Count Survey
Brand/Product Survey

Mobile Tour Marketing

Mobile Tour Marketingis an excellent approach to help our clients achieve competitive advantage as well as create brand awareness and impression. Our Moble Tour Marketing service will target toward consumers and promote our clients’ brand in all major markets nationwide.

Booth : Activities
Booth : Selling

In-Store Promotion

In-Store Promotion service will also provide the important communication which contact directly to target consumers. This In-Store Promotion service will provide our clients the excellent opportunity to attract and interest the taget consumers to your products or brand.

Booth : Product Education
Booth : Product Demonstration

Our professional service established in various channels nationwide depend upon clients’ needs :

  • Super / Hyper outlets
  • Convenience and independent outlets
  • Drug Stores
  • Modern Retail outlets
  • Traditional Retail outlets
  • Traditional Wholesale outlets
  • Wet market
  • Office building
  • etc.